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How to order

The Gartner online store accepts business orders for products available online. All online purchases for US and U.K. only will be charged to a central purchasing card. All online international (non-U.S. & non-U.K.) orders will be invoiced. Credit cards cannot be used for purchase of international business orders. These orders will need to be paid for using a bank wire transfer.

Personal orders will require a personal credit card for payment. The Amex Corporate Card is not an acceptable form of payment.

Any offline/custom order, for items not available for purchase via the online store, will require a Gartner Purchase Order. Learn more.

Shipping quotes will be provided for approval on all international shipments. Please note that we are not able to provide a quote for taxes and duties and those costs will be added onto the final invoice.

Gartner gift policy

Giving gifts to people with whom we do business may violate corporate policy and local and/or international law. Before you buy, review our Corporate Gift Policy.


For issues related to sign-on, approvals or order placement, contact us.

Is there an item that you are interested in purchasing but do not see on the site? Let us help! Barker Specialty can provide you with quality promotional products that are customized for your Gartner event! Please contact Tracy Howson to send your request to our customer care center.